SIPGene Carrier-Grade Switch - Components

Routing component:

  • multi-domain, NAT traversal
  • PSTN integration, prefix/LCR routing
  • multi/custom dialplan
  • DIDs and groups management
  • trunps support
  • mobility and mobile devices

Class 5 features component:

  • call forwarding, white/black lists
  • DND, CLIR, service Codes
  • call back (web, sms, ring-in)

Media Services component:

  • voicemail / announcement
  • conferencing and IVRs
  • ring back tones, music on hold
  • call recording

Security component:

  • authentication (DB, RADIUS,LDAP)
  • flood detection and prevention
  • DNS and registration poisoning
  • limiting for cps or parallel calls

Interfacing component:

  • user web interface
  • system provisioning web interface
  • SOAP interface
  • DB interface

Advanced user managing component:

  • service packages
  • multi-language / multi-location
  • reseller models

Advanced provider component:

  • SOAP provisioning interface
  • high-availability
  • disaster recovery

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