Our Mission

OpenSIPS Solutions acts in the VoIP / SIP field, providing various services, solutions and products for VoIP operators and providers, from SMB to large carriers.

Our Value

Based on an experience stretching over more than 10 years of activity, we own and deliver a great amount of knowledge when comes to designing, developing and implementing various VoIP Server Systems. This valuable knowledge is second by the flexibility to adept to our customer's requirements and to any new challenge regarding new systems, new technologies or concepts.

Our Team

Our team main motto is "in-house expertise", numbering valuable people who are strongly involved in the development of the Open Source projects we are using. Their strength comes with the duality of their work: creating the software we use and also creating the solutions and products we provide.

Our Work

Our knowledge is packed and offered via a wide set of services, solutions and products. With a full involvement in all cycles and levels of softwares and technologies we are using, we chase the ultimate goal of providing the best solutions to the customer