Consultancy service

Your company can capitalize on the experience accumulated over many years by a team which developed one of the best SIP servers in the world - OpenSIPS SIP Server. Having broad experience in VoIP area and application programming, OpenSIPS Solutions offers a flexible and valuable consultancy service to help you design and implement a wide set of professional solutions required to improve and extend your business.

Our VoIP engineering expertise combined with latest technology concepts assure that you will get to the best way to achieve your business goals. We can bring our comprehensive knowledge to help with:

  • VoIP platform design and service integration
  • OpenSIPS security and performance analysis
  • OpenSIPS scalability and distribution
  • OpenSIPS troubleshooting and enhancement

Depending on your needs, the consultancy service can be packed in two ways:

  • per-hour service - suitable when you need to explore or investigate issues or to deal with tasks which cannot be evaluated from time point of view
  • per-project service - suitable when you have tasks which are well defined as requirements / descriptions, so can be evaluated as work effort from the beginning

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