Our moto is "Bringing Open Source to industry"
What we do
OpenSIPS Solutions is a dynamic and reliable player in the VoIP / SIP area, addressing various needs of VoIP operators and providers, from SMB to large carriers.
The switching solutions comes with different flavors and functionalities covering the entire range of SMBs, Carriers and Enterprises. Such solutions are remarkable by the flexibility and degree of customization - more than 40% customization to exactly address the requirements and particularities of the customer.
The SIPGene products are the building blocks of any VoIP infrastructure - various ready-to-use platforms to cover different parts of a VoIP network - Session Border Controllers, Billing Engines, Trunking and Load-Balancing Systems, Call Centers or Calling Cards.
The offered services start with generic consultancy for SIP and OpenSIPS (like design, evaluation), up to more specialized training, support and on-demand development for OpenSIPS based systems.

Why us?
OpenSIPS Solutions delivers affordable solutions :
  • as it relying on Open Source Software, there is no additional cost for software licensing, all the effort being translated from licenses to customization
  • the products licensing is "instances" based and not "users" or "channels" based - cost-free capacity scaling to sustain the business
  • one time cost (initial delivery), with no need for any fees in the following years
OpenSIPS Solutions delivers professional solutions :
  • years expertise in developing and deploying various solutions, consolidated in a strong Knowledge in the VoIP / SIP area
  • running (founders and main developers) of OpenSIPS and OpenSIPS Control Panel projects and strongly involved in related projects
  • flexibility to create and deliver exactly what the customers wants (customization or on-demand)
...and because we do not say "no" whatever the challenge is.

Our OSS projects
OpenSIPS Solutions runs (having in its team founders and main developers) important Open Source projects in SIP ecosystem: Running these projects is a key component of our company, as all our deliverables are fused around the software provided by the projects.

Our people
The OpenSIPS Solutions team gathers around people with a strong technical expertize:
  • Bogdan-Andrei IANCU - founder and core developer of OpenSIPS project
  • Liviu CHIRCU - core developer of OpenSIPS project
  • Razvan CRAINEA - core developer of OpenSIPS project