SIPGene Session Border Controller

SIPGene SBC is a Session Border Controller that combines the Far-End NAT traversal with securing your SIP core network - a compact solution which implements a transparent standalone NAT traversal server for any SIP environments.

The presence of NATed users reflects on the service provider in terms of extra bandwidth consumption for media relaying and QoS degradation because of delays and both translate in additional expenses.

Aside the resource consumption, the NAT traversal requires supplementary logic on the server side this leads to an unwanted complexity in the server configuration which will limit the provider's capability to create and offer more advanced services.

As security is the number one concern, it needs to be addressed with priority. This makes a Session Border Controller the ideal place to implement the first line of defense of a service – detecting and filtering out all attacks as soon as possible.

Main features of SIPGene SBC:

  • handle the presence of any type of NAT
  • independent and transparent to deploy
  • keeps media local to users (best Qos)
  • protocol conversion (TLS, TCP)
  • SIP security (DoS, floods, intrusion detection)
  • sanity checks (size, codecs, headers, SDP)
  • traffic inspection and validation (SIP and RTP)
  • load-balancer and failover support for proxies
  • multi-domain, multi-server traffic distribution
  • registrations and call/dialog monitoring
  • geo-distribution and scaling

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