SIPGene Trunking

SIPGene Trunking allows to converge and manage a large number of heterogeneous SIP trunks and to route / load-balance them to gateways.

SIPGene Trunking is designed to combine high-capacity (tens of thousands of ongoing calls, thousands of calls per second) with a great flexibility and complexity (feature-rich system with per-trunk configuration).

Main features of SIPGene Trunking:

  • trunks authentication by IP, via digest or prefix codes
  • number manipulation via dialplans per trunk
  • codec limitation or manipulation
  • custom limits for parallel calls or calls per second
  • topology hiding and protocol conversion
  • media relaying support
  • prefix, load, codec or custom routing to gateways
  • gateway failover and balancing
  • CDR generation, traffic reports
  • web interface for trunks and carrier provisioning
  • high-availability with active-active setup

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SIPGene - designed to build your SIP network.

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