SIPGene Enterprise Switch

SIPGene Enterprise Switch comes as a reshaping of SIPGene Carrier Switch, with a stronger focus on enterprise / corporate specific services and applications.

SIPGene Enterprise Switch solution comes to meet the needs and demands of a wide range of business customers, from SMBs to Enterprises. The accent is put on integration of the VoIP specific services with other IP based services that are typically used in business environments: email, IM, document and whiteboard sharing, conference (audio/video bridging, old and IP PBX integration, etc.

SIPGene Enterprise Switch provides several additional components (on top of SIPGene Carrier Switch), dedicated to complex and reliable services:

  • SIMPLE extension - Presence Agent, IM chatting, XCAP server and RLS
  • Extension Mobility - Virtual desks, shared phones
  • Class 5 services - Call hunting, Call pickup, Call transfer, secretary like service
  • Virtual PBXes - group employees for short dialing
  • IVRs - Dynamic and integrated IVRs
  • External call triggering - via web, sms, aliasing, ring-in services
  • Callback service - for roaming users
  • DID management - multi-DID (inbound and outbound) per account

The SIPGene Enterprise Switch solution comes with a higher level of customization, to allow perfect integration with the existing infrastructures, data models and used technologies.

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