SIPGene Cluster Switch

SIPGene Cluster Switch is a new generation product for extra large VoIP providers - it inherits existing functionalities and capabilities of SIPGene Carrier / Enterprise Switch, but expands its architecture to a distributed and scalable form ( in the range of millions of subscribers)

SIPGene Cluster Switch successfully combines all the three types of distributions: Scalability (linear subscriber and service scale-out), Geographical (easy integration of new POPs) and Failover (no point of failure).

Based on a Shared-Nothing architecture (SN), SIPGene Cluster Switch implements a design where each node is independent and self-sufficient, and there is no single point of contention across the system.

As subscribers and traffic, SIPGene Cluster Switch can scale-out almost indefinitely by simply adding nodes in the form of standard hardware, since there is no single bottleneck to slow the system down.

Main features of SIPGene Cluster Switch:

  • single and consistent service for user all over the world
  • infinite scalability and capacity
  • geographical and load distribution
  • Shared-Nothing architecture
  • self-sufficient and independent PoPs (sites); PoPs can be different as capabilities or functionality
  • no single point of failure
  • automatic failover between PoPs
  • auto scaling by adding new PoPs with inexpensive hardware

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SIPGene Cluster - unlimited scalability.

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