SIPGene Carrier-Grade Switch

SIPGene Carrier Switch is a Carrier Grade IP Telephony Class 5 Softswitch System. It is a complete solution targeting SIP operators and providers – connect your customers, connect the PSTN-termination trunks, and you are a fully featured VoIP provider.

From SMBs to carriers and enterprises, it comes with a rich set of features (more than 100 listed features), with high performance (100K online subscribers, 5K parallel calls) and great flexibility and customization (40% customization).

For more than 7 years, with tens of deployments, SIPGene Carrier Switch is a professional and scalable solution at an affordable price (no software license, per “instance” license instead of “per-user or per-channel” license, deployment cost only with no per-year fees). Check more on OpenSIPS Solutions lincensing model.

SIPGene Carrier Switch addresses both the needs of end-users and the needs of the provider, thanks to its modular concept – different modules with different functionalities. Its modularity also allows this solution to be packed for simple scenarios (SMBs) or for the most complex setups (telcos, carriers, enterprises).

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The most complete and powerful solution in the market.

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