SIPGene PrePaid

SIPGene PrePaid is a mature and solid implementation of a fast prepaid system designed to handle carrier class traffic. It is built on top of a call stateful proxy (back-to-back user agent), which, in combination with OpenSIPS's flexibility, allows further extensibility and programmability.

SIPGene PrePaid operates only at signaling level, allowing the RTP stream to go end-to-end, directly from caller to callee without any extra relaying - this approach reduces the penalties for media quality and increases the scalability of the system.

The immediate benefits of using SIPGene PrePaid are:

  • rapid revenue - the investment is more rapidly recovered by offering prepaid services to roaming users and charging prior service usage;
  • anti-fraud protection - the investment is safer with the prepaid system able to control the duration of calls and the permissions of users to initiate calls;
  • larger customer base - along with residential customers you can target now the market of roaming and anonymous users;
  • realtime monitoring of the active calls - help to identify the required system resources in order to be ready to grow the infrastructure in time

Main features of SIPGene PrePaid:

  • real-time charging and call disconnect - all credit changes are updated in real time as well as the system cuts the calls when the caller's credit is gone.
  • easy and transparent insertion - no extra requirements on the SIP server, just the basic routing capability
  • SIP proxy capabilities - no limitation from SIP routing point of view, both loose and strict types of SIP routings being supported
  • full support for SIP proxy chains - supports both upstream and downstream SIP proxies
  • multi-domain support - able to serve simultaneously many SIP domains and many SIP servers
  • allows scalable and distributed architectures - multiple parallel PrePaids to answer to key problems like load balancing or geographical distribution
  • no limitations - the is no limitations for the number of end-users or simultaneous calls
  • flexible configuration - easy to adapt to non-standard requirements or custom architectures
  • keepalive mechanism - able to send ping requests to caller or callee in order to detect failures of ongoing calls
  • per second precision billing
  • multiple charging plans - per user grouping
  • multiple simultaneous calls per user - parallel call limitation
  • time-of-day based charging - can be defined specific costs for working or weekend days or certain dates of the year
  • web interface - for user management and system provisioning
  • high availability support

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