SIPGene PBX Clusterer

SIPGene PBX Clusterer comes into place when there is a need to do real time balancing of a PBX Cluster. This product helps you to start scaling your PBX (or other media based engines) based platform, by providing an ingress and egress interface that allows internal clustering of PBXes.

On the inbound part, SIPGene PBX Clusterer is responsible for front security, load balancing and failover of internal PBXes. On the outbound part, it can provide complex routing (source/time/prefix/cost based routing) to external gateways or trunks.

Main features of SIPGene PBX Clusterer:

  • security, package filtering, traffic validation
  • protocol translation, codec inspection and manipulation
  • DoS detection, intrusion detection
  • inbound load-balancing (realtime)
  • transparent cluster scaling
  • auto failover and traffic re-routing
  • call monitoring, CDR generation
  • presence & IM enabler
  • outbound prefix/load/cost routing
  • outbound dispatcher
  • SOAP/WEB provisioning
  • Active-active HA support

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