SIPGene Calling Cards

SIPGene Calling Cards is a powerful system able to deliver a complete calling cards service, with IVR, web and carrier related functionalities. The system offers to end-users an easy-to-use experience, with complex features (not only dialing); the operator can take full advantage of the routing engine, billing capabilities and call handling logic.

Main features of SIPGene Calling Cards:

  • user authentication based on CLID or PIN
  • multiple inbound DIDs (different GWs)
  • card validation (suspended, valid, disabled)
  • IVR system with support for:
    • account balance info
    • cost information
    • speed dial management
    • balance re-charge
    • dialing and re-dialing
    • multiple languages (DID based)
  • account management via web portal
  • prepaid billing engine:
    • parallel calls per same account
    • multiple rating sheets / plans
    • accurate CDRs (RTP based)
  • prefix, cost routing to PSTN GW
  • GW failover and balancing
  • provider and user call reports

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