SIPGene Call Center

SIPGene Call Center is a standalone component able to provide both inbound and outbound calling. It is an high-capacity platform easy to integrate with any pre-existing SIP platform or PSTN providers.

SIPGene Call Center relies on the ability of OpenSIPS SIP Server to realtime handle large amount of calls, to manage large queues, to do complex routing combined with B2BUA oriented functionalities (IVR and media server integration).

SIPGene Call Center is mainly designed for complex call center scenarios with a tremendous capacity and call handling.

Main features of SIPGene Call Center:

  • inbound and outbound (dialer) call center
  • thousands of agents and queued calls
  • multiple services/flows with different priorities and settings
  • multiple physical locations for agents
  • agents with multiple skills (able to serve multiple flows)
  • concept of partner "call centers"
  • incoming call handling
    • auto-call distribution based on the skills of the agents
    • priority and queuing for calls
    • wrap-up time and pre-call announcement to agent
    • up to 5 levels of audio announcements
  • call dialer
    • non-predictive dialler
    • multiple and parallel campaigns
    • flexible campaigns definition (XML based)
    • integration of the dialer with a desktop application for agents
  • dynamic provisioning (SOAP/WEB)
  • realtime statistics and activity reports

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